Tuesday, November 9

hAppY enDiNg

I always spending my time by reading comics lately..

Actually love comics ..
Every comics have a nice happy ending and finally happy ever after..
I always wondering what will be happen to my love story in this big cruel challenging world..?
Like others, I also want a happy ending in my life..
I also want to live with my prince happily ever after..

But to get the happy ending,
we must start with a sad story..
Just like Cinderella story and Barbie's stories..
They were just a maid but they became a princess in the end..
What a wonderful life, isn't it?

I always pray to God to give me a strength to face the obstacles and challenges in this world..
Everything come with obstacles..
Including love ..
With no doubt,
I really really hope that my love story gonna be end with a wonderful happy ending..