Friday, July 29


-fuckin annoying-

i'm gonna type so randomly without
any commas any dot any anything
bcoz i just fucked up with lot of thing
everything not going well
act everything going quite well too
but i dunno why i'm feel like shit
evrything like shit
dunno why
it just suck like hell
maybe my hormone became somethin wrong
or i'm just fucking emo
okay i'm so geek
plus a morron
become fucked up
okay u feel annoyed
with all my
eff good word rite
so just get the hell out
from here
stop read this
stop it
dunno what i'm type
i just type
talkin a lot of thing
can make me feel better i think
so i dont care what u feel
son of bitch
dont ever try to understand me
i feel idiot
i'm waiting for u like crazy
n u juz go out  with ur fren
what the fuck
i'm so fuckin stupid
being such a fucking gf
to a fucking bf
going to fucking hell
what a fucking day
i love u izhan afifi arshad
what ever stupid annoying thing
u did to me
u juz make me love u more
i'm so fucking crazy rite now
love plus hatred become eff word
feels like losing in warcraft
stupid thing i said
stupid thing u read
what the hell i'm talkin bout
i juz got 100 bucks from my dad
and my fb stats was like
saya syg ayah saya
what the fuck
i really  love my dad what
okay i should say i really love my bf what
i'm just extremely fucking tensed rite now
where is my fucking bf
i miss u already

-fuckin annoying-