Sunday, September 4

love is hard

fucking annoyed. i just type this post randomly :

once u love sommeone
u cant unlove him
it takes weeks or months even years
to forget someone we love.
so stupid coz i love u
u sucks !
u make me love u.
' i hate u '
just a statement ! fuck !
i cant hate u for real
stop doing this to me
just hate me !
just love me !
dont hate n love me !
stop giving hope
hopes are hurts 
feels like dying
u playing in my mind
stop it !
love sucks
but i keep fall in love
damn it !
love !
please just go away
dont want to love and to be loved
everytime i'm in love
its always ended up like shit
dont love me !
i dont even know how to love
for the last time
love sucks !
stop making me miss u
stop making me love u
stop doing this fucking shit to me
i hate u