Saturday, November 12


helllo peeps !
i'm extremely exausted right now .
but i'm still wanna make a post .
u know about fixie thing ?
u have one ?
cool right ? not so cool i think .
haha . i got one .
it's blue in colour with white triple wall .
that's the only detail i can tell u .
coz i dont know much about fixie.

so , there's a story i wanna tell .
i went for a ride .
longest distance so far . haha
i went to my friend's house . (zie)
i'm riding all alone yaw .
some fuck-tard was woo-ing me .
then i was like 'fuck u .dont u ever saw a girl riding a fixie ?!!'
haha . it was awesome .
i mean the ride ofcoz .
i'm really tired but i'm fuckin enjoyed it .

i really hope i can ride with some friends
somewhere far . far from my hood ~
so peeps ,
if u wanna go for a ride 
invite me please (:

noktah .fullstop .