Thursday, November 3


heello peeps !

seriously i was like so fucking busy .
haha just kidding .
actually i dont have any story to share .
all the story i have was like so p&c .

so i just wanna say that exam is over
holiday is over too.
the result is coming out .
i'm fucked up .
my result really bad .
nothing fail but so little A !
but who care rite ?
haha i'm so dont give a shit bout my result

i also have something to say
to all my 'fans' a.k.a my haters
just mind ur own bussiness okies .
i really hate when people 
said something bad bout me 
especially when its not true 
geeez ! c'mon laa .
dont u have something better 
and can give some benefit for u to do .
ruining someone life is so awfull !!

i also wanna said that dont be jealous of others 
popularity is not the everything
just be urself
is it really matter to others adore u ??
i dont care what u wanna do
but it happen in front of me 
i cant let it happen 
it sucks !
so sorry if i'm such a pain in ur ass 
my rule is simple
dont like me , erase me
that's all .

please hush ur lips if u dont know a thing !

p/s : idk why this post typed in english . haha . just deal with it :)