Saturday, December 17

hello peeps !
long time no see . 
i mean no post .
have no idea actually what to story .
i'm just gonna story things that happen today .

morning ^,^
i woke around 'the morning' p.m .
i dont remember what time .
then i went to a wedding at shah alam sksyen 26 .
i dont know the bride .
but i just go . makan free ! haha
then just lepaking at home .

i'm spent my time watching hana kimi
(japanese ver.)
with my cousins .
then go to sleep for a while 
before take my bath .

i played monopoly with my cousins .

then we go to the playground .
playing the swings and the monkey bar .
there's a funny story when we at the playground .
one of my cousins , 15y/o .
(name are secret)
she played the swings
until suddenly ,
the swings broke 
and my cousin felt on the ground .
i swear its damn funny . haha !
and now , its 10:25 p.m
i'm still not sleeping .
maybe we gonna watch some movies .
that's all i guess .

noktah . fullstop .