Wednesday, December 14

L.O.V.E are heels

hey ,
wanna say something .
i'm just trying to let all the
shitty lovey-dovey thing
in my fuckin head .

i'm used to believe that
every nice guy were meant to
the only nice girl .
and every bad guy were meant to
the only bad girl .
love were some kind
fuckin weird cool shitty thing .
that happen to everyone .
u fuckin liar if u never feel the love .
idk if u just a 5y/o boy . LOL

love always making my heart flying high in the sky ,
before my heart reach the first ozone layer ,
an arrow with fuckin sharp end ,
stabbed through my heart .
how's it felt ?
it felt fuckin AWESOME .
it such a loss if u never
feel the awesomeness for
being hurt by an 'arrow' .

love are really errgghh !
idk how to say .
it really unpredictable .
and it sucks coz
it comes and it goes 
like 'sukahati mak bapak dia' .

anyway ,
just wanna say ,
in my opinion ,
love are heels ,
it makes ur leg sexy then it makes ur leg hurt ~