Wednesday, March 7

BadDay (!)

aarrrghh !
im so mad !
to one of my teacher .
my teacher but she's not teaching me .
she scolded me !
and punished me .
cause im wearing lens today .
she dont even give me a warning ,
suddenly asked me to take off my lens .
and throw it away .
what the fuck !
as im a GOOD student .
i did it as she said .
my friend did it too .
she's just got her lens 
about last week .
and now her lens GONE !
im so fuckin mad !
i dont care if u my teacher or what .
u should give a warning first .
i already told her i never wear 
BLUE lens to school again .
but she REFUSED .
ok then , FUCK U !

to a friend of mine ,
u already said u dont have any probs with me ,
so stop avoiding me or make me ur enemy .
i dont wanna make a mess with anyone .

noktah . fullstop .