Monday, April 30

fucked up

im fucked up .
im just a piece of shit .
still wasting my tears on my own fault .
shame on me .
its been always my goddamn fault .
the midyear nearer .
but im still crying here .
because of you .
but all this shit falls on me .
i know im not the best ,
i know im fucking loser .
fucking stupid gf .
i know i broke my promise .
but cant you just ignore it .
cant you just do nothing .
im still trying .
i got feeling .
stop blaming me.
stop make me cry .
i have to study . 
i want to study not crying
because my own shit .
i should focus on study not thinking bout
 this FUCKING prob .
yeah i know im sucks .
i always fucking lie to you .
its not even a month since i promised to you .
im still trying . dont you fuckin get it ??
im just your gf . not even a fuckin month yet.
i love you . you love me .
but you dont have the right to control me .
im not say you cant control me 
but you got to tolerate with me .
im not your wife .yet
people slips their tongue .
even breaks their promise .
but you dont have to be mean .
i really hope you understand .
i got mid-year exam to face .
you should support me .
not keep putting the blame on me .
i just want you to understand me .
im SORRY bee .

who give a fuck bout the X scar on my hand

noktah .fullstop .