Monday, May 14

idiot CHAD

sometimes you just love too much
until it makes you hurt .
sometime you just love too much
until it breaks your heart .

when i went to school
my friends was like 
'kau nangis ea chad ?'
ouhh c'mon !
how come they can see the 
tears behind my smile .

why this happen when i have exam .
Sejarah paper was like damn i failed !
i screwed !
i'll fail ! i just can feel it .
i cant study .
keep on crying like a fuckin baby .
put a scar on my hands .
feel satisfied when my hand bleed .
i know im fuckin stupid .
but sometimes you cant control yourself .
yeaah i know im stupid .
i just make fool of myself here .
hush !

i still remember when eryn made this post on her blog :')

to eryn , echa , zie ,aza , teha
dont worry about me . im still the KKS crazy Chad :'>

noktah .fullstop .