Tuesday, July 3

i miss you

feeling alone .
feeling ignored .
feeling unloved .

im so sad .
sincerely ,
im not that sure
whether it is my fault .
is what i did wrong ?
by the way ,
im still seeking for
an apology ..
i did not realised
i hurt you .
im so so stupid .
im not good enough .
im not perfect .
im so screwed !
im so pathetic
rasa nak hentak kepala kat wall !
my hand , i can barely hold a pen .

however ,
you have to understand me
i hurt too .
im waiting you like hell .
10mins phone call
can change evrything .
you dont have even 10mins for me ?
i really really miss you .
i really need you .
damn please .

im still hugging txc for almost 4hours .
i dont want all this conflict to affect our relationship .